It’s Goodbye from Me and Hello from Him

It has taken me nearly two weeks to write this post. Due to a procession of unfortunate events which have lead to a drastic change in my circumstances over the last few months I shall no longer be producing fiction nor blogging under the name A W Hendry. That’s not to say that I shan’t be writing -far from it- I have simply had to change my name and so I am retiring this blog as of today. I shall, from this point on, be writing as A W Baader and my new blog can be found here. So if you wish to continue getting updates on my work -as well as my thoughts about all manner of random things- then you should subscribe to my new blog. If you just want to hear about when and where I have stories published then you can also sign up to my very occasional newsletter there.

My wee collection, Hinterland, will remain available under my old name.

So thanks for reading this and hopefully I’ll see you over on my new blog soon.


2 thoughts on “It’s Goodbye from Me and Hello from Him

  1. Followed over at the new site. I tend to catch up on my WordPress reading list every couple weeks and only rarely comment, but I do appreciate your posts. Cheers.

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