Hinterland Ebook

A terse little tome of horror and weird fiction tales, the last story in the collection gave an especially nice sense of frisson. A definite “recommend” to anyone seeking new authors in the realm of dark fiction.”
~Michael Adams, Goodreads

Hinterland is a mini collection of the stories that have so far, as of March 2015, been published on this blog (LINK) as well as two extra stories: And the Filth Flows …Always, and Glen Dhearg.

And the Filth Flows …Always is the story of an older man who wakes to find the world not as it once was, or perhaps he is seeing it as it truly is.

Glen Dhearg is the story of a young father and his obsession with the stories he discovers in the pages of an ancient Gàidhlig manuscript.

Hinterland is currently available in the Kindle store internationally and as an epub for all other eBook devices.

Click here for Kindle
Click here for all other devices

If you really have to buy via the Amazon website then click the relevant link below to be taken to your local union busting, worker screwing, Amazon store.

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