The Weird

This is basically the ‘Weird’ part of my Feedly.

Weird Fiction Review

WFR is, hands down, the best source of literary weirdness on the internet. Curated by Anne and Jeff VanderMeer and associated, they say ‘in a symbiotic relationship’, with ST Joshi’s annual journal of the same name.

Weird Tales

Continuation of the pulp journal that pretty much started it all. Going through something of a return to its roots since the departure of Anne VanderMeer as editor a few years back. Whether that is for good or for ill is for the individual to decide. Personally I preferred the magazine whilst it was under VanderMeer’s guidance but I’m glad that the magazine is alive and kicking regardless.

Lovecraft Ezine

Run by the fantastic Mike Davis the Lovecraft Ezine is your one stop shop for all things Lovecraftian. Mike is doing his best to really build the community of Lovecraft/Weird Fiction fans with things like Google+ hangouts where folk can chat about all things cosmic and horrible, interviews and chats with weird luminaries such as ST Joshi and Wilum Pugmire, online games of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and even a Lovecraftian Minecraft server!

This Yellow Madness

Blog from Joseph S Pulver. Writer of, and expert on, work related to Robert Chamber’s The King in Yellow.

Innsmouth Free Press

Reviews and short fiction on this wonderfully weird web magazine.


Mr Jim Moon reads weird and supernatural fiction as well as discussing all manner of things of interest to genre nuts, but especially of interest to those interested in all things dark.

I’ll carry on adding to this list as I have time and/or discover new sources of online weird.



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