Free stories are available by clicking the titles.


The Downfall of the Good Worker Laura McTavish (Unpublished) – The map is, most definitely, not the territory.

May’s Day (Unpublished) – A teenage girl new to town encounters something unworldly on her first day out in a new town. Inspired, in part, by the works of my home town boyo Arthur Machen.

Din: published in Visiak’s Mirror (LINK) – Thoughts have consequences when they are set free.

Beginend (Unpublished) – We all have roles to play, whether we like it or not.

in these ways we remember (Unpublished) – Post-Lovecraftian-Apocalypse.

For What is Sweet and What is Right (Free) – Flash fiction inspired by the Wilfred Owen poem Dulce et Decorum Est (LINK)

The stories below are in my ebook Hinterland.

Click to Buy for £1 (or more if you like)
Click to Buy for £1 (or more if you like)



And the Filth Flows …Always – It’s allegorical, probably.

Blas am Byth – A Fragment (Free) – A wee piece of weird flash fiction.

Glen Dhearg – A short short story set in Scotland.


Men of the City (Free) – A short story written and submitted to Clive Barker on Deviant Art here.

The Dolly Doll (Free) – Winner of the second prize in October’s Cult of Me flash fiction competition.



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