Works in Progress

I have a few projects on the go at the moment. Some more developed than others. Some prioritised more than the others. Hopefully I should have them all complete at some point in the, not too distant, future.

Marie’s Story

A series of novella’s following the plight of a young working class Glaswegian woman who, following a terrible tragedy, uncovers a dark secret about the reality which we inhabit.

Nothing, but a love story

A story set between the North of England and the north-west of Scotland, between then and now. A story about the existential horror of true love.

The Greet Duology

An ancient and massive city. A caste system. A piecemeal industrial revolution. A full fledged social revolution.

The Shipborne and the Settled

Humanity has fled Sol en masse. Dozens of new worlds are settled, hundreds of cultures, sub -and counter- cultures  develop over the many worlds. New and old social tensions arise both on the worlds and between them.



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